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German, French & British buyers dominate on Spain’s real estate market

Having a home on the Spanish coast, where sun and beach predominate, continues to be a point of attraction for foreigners looking for a home abroad. Despite the restrictions on movement between countries due to the coronavirus pandemic, the obligation to undergo quarantine on returning to certain countries if you are not fully vaccinated or having to carry out tests before and after travelling, expats...

Increasing house prices on the Spanish coast in 2021

The pandemic fails to bring down house prices on the "costas", which are up 0.5%. The sale price of homes on the Spanish coast increased by 0.5% over the last year to 1,751 euros/m2 according to a study published by idealista, the leading real estate marketplace in Spain, Italy and Portugal. The price of coastal homes in the Balearic Islands have risen the most in the last year, with an increase of...

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