Different in all Aspects

NIKOLAS Real Estate™ was founded by Mr. Nikola Mićić in 2008, as desire to share his conviction about the Costa Blanca as amazing place worth to invest and live. Nikola’s real estate agency has been since then a reference for exclusive estates on the Costa Blanca.

I’m not going to claim that I’m running the best estate agency on the Costa Blanca but, what I can say is that we work hard to be different in all facets. It’s not only about the goal, but rather to place every single brick as perfect as possible and to enjoy the process.”

Nikola Mićić

General director

The team

NIKOLAS Real Estate™ is a registered real estate agency on the Costa Blanca. It is composed by a selected team of experienced estate agents, solicitors, accountants, builders, architects and all necessary solutions to provide efficient and quality proofed services to their clients.

How we work?

Life is too short to spend time waiting into an office. This is why NIKOLAS Real Estate™ is managed online. The appointments are organised directly at the property in question, in the notary or in our legal offices. On this way, all parties save valuable time making business more efficient, flexible and secure.

The Properties

Each offered property has been carefully selected by Nikola and his team to ensure only the best proposals. Furthermore, you won’t find any shared property from third parties. The direct contact with the owner and the buyer is ensured making clear the legal and financial part.

What our customers say



We wish to be "The Reference" when you think about buying a property on the White Coast. This is why every single property we offer has been meticulously selected. And if we don't have the right one, we'll make sure to make your dream property come true.


It's not about selling for any price, it's about making a good deal! Therefore, we analyse the real market potential of each property. Also, you won't find any mediocre presentation on our platform. We exclusively work with professional presentations.


If you wish to build your dream house, you will need a trusted partner. We have invested many years in filtering only the best family-run building companies who provide to our clients what they expect, creating a foundation of trust and a quality proofed relationship.


The same as for building projects, we count with a special selection of small builders who are specialised in all the necessary works which our clients need to convert their Spanish property into their new home under the sun.

Legal Support

We take the legal part very seriously. Our team of highly experienced solicitors will guide you through the whole process. Whether you wish to buy, sell, build or rent a property on the Costa Blanca, you will always know what to expect.

Sign digitally

Save time & money! We have implemented one of the world's leading online signature systems. Where ever you are, sign securely on your smart device or computer any legally binding document in matter of seconds


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