Costa Blanca is a sensual feast. With rocky mountains cast against pristine turquoise sea, lined with endless golden beaches and secret coves, castles, and forts that stand witnesses of the past times — it is the perfect place to hideaway and explore Spain’s natural beauty and lush wildlife all while being connected to some of Europe’s greatest cities of history, art, and culture. Its exquisite gastronomy, attractive geography, glorious cultural legacy and an amazing 300 sunny days a year, make this part of Spain a real hedonistic delicacy destination that has lured and amazed people since the Ancient Greek times.

The White Coast, this everlasting-summer region spanning from Alicante to Valencia, boasts a whopping 200 kilometers of Mediterranean coast, over 170 beaches and coves, and the clearest blue waters in Spain. The power of this place to vibe you into its bursting energy and charm is inexorable!


Located in the southeastern part of Iberian peninsula, Costa Blanca region belongs to the Valencian Community. It starts from Valencia in the north and extends to Pilar de la Horadada in the south. Beheld from the air or mountain tops, its coastal belt looks like a never-ending white beach, hence the name Costa Blanca. Traveling from north to south you will pass by or stay in places like Valencia, Cullera, Gandía, Oliva, Els Poblets, Dénia, Jávea, Moraira, Calpe, Altea, La Nucía, Benidorm, La Villajoyosa, El Campello, Alicante, Santa Pola, Elche, Guardamar del Segura, Torrevieja (to name a few), all of which are magical localities that hide some of the most incredible beaches and coves of Costa Blanca.


“The unity with SSSS” is a term that a friend of ours invented to describe that special state of mind which we succumb to when being near the sea. He used to say that all it takes for a man to be happy can fit into four simple ‘S’-es — Sea, Sun, Sand, and Sky. We dare say that no one can argue with that!

In Costa Blanca, there will be plenty of SSSS time for you and you can’t really make much of a mistake when choosing a place to stay. All the beaches are spectacular and there’s always a nice spot under the hot Spanish sun for everyone!

Miles of coastline, far and wide, offer anything from dunes of sand that recede slowly into the sea making a shallow long surf with small waves and warm water, perfect for a relaxed family vacation with kids carelessly running around having fun; to small sandy coves surrounded by the rocky reefs that plunge into the crystalline sea, creating unique ecosystems very much praised by the seasoned underwater explorers of silent shows cast by the magical sea creatures in their coral settings.

In the northern region of Marina Alta, mountain ranges extend all the way down to the coast creating unique beach landscapes of DéniaJávea, Benissa, Benidorm, Calpe, Gandia, and Oliva. The wind carries Sahara desert sand from Africa all the way across the Mediterranean to create the incredible beaches of this region.

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For nature lovers and naturalists alike, seeking for isolated spots hidden from the crowds, the coastal stretch between Dénia and Jávea is where you should aim to land your towel on. Far from the main city beaches, you will find a peace of mind on the small beaches and bays, tucked in between the reefs, cliffs, and gorgeous pine woods. This area boasts the most splendid underwater life protected by the marine reserves, as well as the above-sea-level nature so rich in bird, animal, and plant species that it, too, falls under the protection of nature reserves and natural parks that abound in Costa Blanca.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to stay close to the city life while enjoying your sea time — cities like Valencia, Dénia, Benidorm, Calpe, Gandía, and Alicante are the places to be. They all reside on some of the most famous beaches of the Mediterranean, while at the same time offering a bustling day and night fun. The sandy strands of these cities extend for miles, usually followed by fantastic promenades lined with palm trees that are perfect for sunset strolls, bike rides, and jogging.

Even though these beaches represent the lifeline of these coastal cities and welcome millions of tourists every year, most of them are awarded Blue Flag for the cleanliness of the water and perfectly maintained sand. And when the sun starts setting and city lights begin to flicker and flash, you will feel on your suntan, salt-soaked skin what it means to fiestain Spain.


Costa Blanca is a clubbing paradise. With its top-notch clubs and festivals, it attracts clubbers and versatile audiences from all over the world. This whole region offers an unprecedented nightlife with cities like Valencia, Benidorm, Alicante, Dénia, and Jávea leading the way. The nightclub scene runs from all dressed up, to come as you are, offering unforgettable experiences to all music tastes. As the after-dark excitements pump up the volume on hot summer nights, you’ll find yourself alive and dancing to top band and world-famous DJ performances, festivals, and special events all summer long from dusk to dawn!


The beauty of this region lies in its balance between old and new, medieval and modern, nature and human heritage, united to create a unique cultural melting pot that brings alive the memories of past times. What impresses so many people who visit Costa Blanca is how history here becomes alive and more than just history. Over the centuries, it has become a part of local life and lore. Hundreds of urban landmarks and architectural wonders faithfully depict the lavish Moorish legacy, as well as other cultural and political influences that came before and after the Moors.

The majority of these localities and national customs are under UNESCO heritage protection. Moorish castles, churches, watchtowers, walls, bastions, batteries, defense towers, forts, walled palaces and their magical gardens, all miraculously preserved over the course of centuries and tumultuous history of the region — shed light on the past, creating the imagery that reminds us of Shahrazad’s story of One Thousand and One Nights.

Valencia’s Silk Exchange (La Lonja de la Seda), World Heritage Site under the protection of UNESCO, is a marvelous example of the 15th century Gothic architecture and Renaissance Mediterranean decoration that teach us about the prosperous commercial history of the city of Valencia. It was a flourishing maritime oil and silk trading centre of the time.

Another interesting legacy of Valencia is Fallas festivity, declared the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The festival takes place on the streets of Valencia in March celebrating the arrival of spring. Giant fallas, caricature monuments, created by local artists as a satire of the current state of society, get burned on the last night of the festival. The craftsman guilds of the region unite with local communities to create a great variety of costumes and scenographies that parade through the city for hours and days. This way, traditional arts and crafts are preserved with the participation of the entire local community.

Elche, too, has its UNESCO-protected festival called the Mystery of Elche, which was declared the Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.


The Spanish are among the most long-lived nations of the world and it doesn’t take a scientist to understand why. The climate, healthy diet, and relaxed lifestyle contribute to the overall well-being of the people lucky to be born under the Spanish sun-blessed skies.

Want to eat like a local? If you wish to explore the authentic flavours of Costa Blanca, its finest olive oils paired with terrific local produce, fresh fish, cheese, poultry, and the praised wines of this region — you can do so easily in numerous family-owned and local restaurants. Fine dining and wining are on every corner, serving as a proof of Spain’s passion for good food. It certainly makes a substantial part of Spanish culture and lifestyle, which you are bound to enjoy when being here.

Treat yourself with a breathtaking Mediterranean sunset over a glass of wine and delicious local specialties like Puchero, Fideua and the king of them all — La Gamba Roja de Dénia! Most of these dishes are considered a healthy diet, especially the seafood which abounds on the coast. ¡Qué bueno!

Wait, did we mention Paella?

Costa Blanca is a gastronomic revelation. From delicious Paellas prepared in millions of different ways to fresh seafood, native olives, and tasty wines — the region cradles a mixture of traditional food and modern cuisine. Paella is commonly known as Valencian traditional dish, but it actually has ancient roots. The original Valencian paella recipe goes with white rice, meat (chicken and rabbit), green beans, white beans, snails, saffron and rosemary. Artichokes could be added when in season.


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Magic places
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After a large and tasty feast, who wouldn’t want to burn some calories? Costa Blanca offers a myriad of outdoor adventures and sport activities for a perfect active vacation. With uncountable marinas, yacht clubs, and quality beach resorts, water sports like windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, scuba diving and rowing, are expectedly very popular! Due to the perfect climate and moderate winds, you can practice these all year round.

Beyond doubt, scuba diving is one of the most popular activities to take on. Because of the amazingly clear sea, rich with flora and fauna, scuba diving in these waters will take your breath away (not literally!). This is known to the experienced scuba divers that confirm the “awe” effect. We especially recommend Dénia and Javea, since the seabed between them is under the protection of the Marine Reserve of Tabarca and the Natural Reserve of the Cape of San Antonio.

But hey, have you tried sailing? No matter what your answer is, a beginner or advanced sailor, there are yacht sailing courses for any level of skill and experience. World-class sailing schools, some of which are a member of Royal Yachting Association, offer courses for families, individuals, youngsters and ladies only.

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