Living in Spain

The cost of living in Spain in 2021

How much do you need to live comfortably in Spain? Is living in Spain expensive? These are just some of the questions we aim to answer in this guide to the cost of living in Spain in 2021. Whether you want to know the living cost in Spain for an international student or the cost of living in Spain for a couple, we've got you covered. Let's find out is Spain cheap to live in and more about the cost of...

What is a gestor in Spain?

Spain is infamous for its bureaucracy and hard to navigate red tape, but one person who may be able to help with such processes is a "gestor" or "gestoría". The role of the gestor (who works in a gestoría) is something which is very Spanish, and an equivalent service of this "jack of all trades" figure doesn't tend to exist in other counties. However, as foreign as this concept may sound to you, a...

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