holiday rental tax in spain

Tax in Spain: learn more about taxes for holiday rentals in Spain

Do you pay tax on a second home in Spain? How much? We have all the details about declaring income for your Spanish holiday rental. Summer is the time of year when we tend to spend the most time in our second homes, whether on the beach or in the mountains. And if you're a foreigner with a holiday home in Spain and you pay tax in Spain as a resident, it is important to know that this type of home is not...

no capital gains tax when selling property in Spain

No capital gains tax when selling property in Spain

The reasons why non-residents don't have to pay capital gains tax when selling property in Spain. In 1999, the Spanish government modified the regulations governing the municipal capital gains tax, the tax paid when selling a property, and since then foreigners not resident in Spain have been exempt from declaring and paying this tax, i.e. the State has freed them from this obligation,...

What is a gestor in Spain?

Spain is infamous for its bureaucracy and hard to navigate red tape, but one person who may be able to help with such processes is a "gestor" or "gestoría". The role of the gestor (who works in a gestoría) is something which is very Spanish, and an equivalent service of this "jack of all trades" figure doesn't tend to exist in other counties. However, as foreign as this concept may sound to you, a...

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