May 2022

A guide to the best olive oil in Spain

Take a tour of Spain and enjoy the best Spanish olive oil. Once you are in Spain, Spanish Olive Oil will certainly be part of your daily life. And if you're planning to visit Spain, Spanish olive oil must be on your list of things to try. Olive oil is an true delicacy in Spain and its uses go way beyond just cooking, from covering toast at breakfast time to drizzling it over a salad. Its properties and...

Foreigners pay record prices to buy property in Spain

Average property prices exceed 2,000 euros/m2, the highest since 2008, while the average price for non-residents is at a record high of 2,480 euros/m2. Foreigners have made a strong comeback in the housing market in Spain and have regained pre-pandemic levels when it comes to both sales and purchases. According to statistics from Spanish notaries, foreigners carried out 63,934 property transactions in...

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