Spain attracts 15.6 billion euros in foreign investment in the first half 2022

Spain received a total of 15.6 billion euros in foreign investment during the first half of the year 2022 (between January and June), which represents an increase of 53.4%, with the Community of Madrid being the region that leads in attracting funds from abroad, with 10,9 billion euros invested, 69.8% of the total. We have all the details of how foreign investment is looking to Spain in 2022.

This is reflected in the latest data released in September 2022 by the Secretary of State for Trade from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, relating to the first two quarters of the year.

The 15.6 billion euros that Spain has attracted in foreign investment over the year as a whole represents an increase of 53.4% compared to the same period last year, due to the better performance of investment in both the first and second quarters, with amounts of 8 billion and 7.6 billion euros, respectively.

By region, the Community of Madrid attracted the highest volume of investment between January and June, with at total of 10.9 billion euros. It was followed by Catalonia, with a total of 1.69 billion; Navarre (580 million), the Basque Country (546 million), Castile and Leon (401 million), Valencia (353 million), the Balearic Islands (330 million), Asturias (266 million), the Canary Islands (215 million) and Andalusia (200 million).

Receiving less than 100 million euros in foreign investment are Castile-La Mancha (54 million), Aragon (50 million), Galicia (19 million), Cantabria (8 million), Extremadura (5 million), La Rioja (5 million), Murcia (3 million) and Ceuta and Melilla (359,000 euros).

The sector that attracted the most foreign investment during the first half of the year was ‘manufacture of machinery and equipment’, with 1.9 million euros in investment. This was followed by investment in ‘supply of electrical energy, gas, steam and air’, with 1.3 billion and ‘telecommunications’, with a total investment of 1.3 million euros.

Which countries invest the most in Spain? In terms of the country of origin of the investment, Luxembourg stands out, with 6.7 billion, followed by the United States (2.5 billion) and the United Kingdom (2.2 billion).

Source: Idealista.

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