Travelling to Spain this Summer 2021 from the UK

The latest rules for travelling to Spain from the UK after the country didn’t make the UK’s green list for travel.

If you are dreaming of a holiday in Spain this summer 2021, you may have to wait just a little longer. While it is true as of 17th May 2021, travelling to Spain for non-essential reasons from England, Scotland and Wales is no longer prohibited, holidays in Spain are still discouraged by the British government while Spain remains on the UK’s amber list. Amidst confusing restrictions which are constantly changing, we’re here to clear things up with our guide to the most recent rules and restrictions for travelling to Spain from the UK this summer.

Can I currently travel to Spain from the UK?

Although the UK has lifted its travel ban for non-essential reasons, travelling to Spain from the UK is currently not allowed except in exceptional circumstances that can be proven. This is according to the latest COVID travel restrictions in Spain. Unless you are a Spanish resident or citizen, or if you have a justified reason for entering Spain (work reasons or an emergency, for example), you won’t be allowed into Spain.

Residents must show their TIE or NIE in order to gain access to Spain, as well as present a negative PCR test result which must be taken a maximum of 72 hours before the flight. This must be accompanied by a completed health control form which is usually provided by airlines before your flight. You will not be required to quarantine, providing that your COVID test results are negative.

So, when will you be able to go on holiday in Spain? This is a question that no one currently knows the answer to. However, in the coming weeks, Spain is expected to relax some of its entry requirements for the UK, given that the number of cases in the country has significantly reduced due to the recent lockdown and the rapid vaccine rollout.

Can I travel to my holiday home in Spain this summer 2021?

The bad news is that if you own a holiday home in Spain but are not a Spanish resident, then for now, your trip will have to wait as travelling to a holiday or second home does not count as essential travel. As mentioned above, whilst the UK now permits second homeowners to visit Spain, Spain is not allowing visitors from the UK entry to the country for this reason. This is subject to change if Spain were to relax its COVID entry requirements in the coming weeks and months. Note that this is not the case for travellers from EU countries and the UK is a special case.

What about entering the UK from Spain? Do I need to quarantine after visiting Spain?

As Spain is currently classified as an “amber” country by the UK, you must take a COVID test before travelling and observe a period of quarantine for 10 days upon arrival, as well as filling in a passenger locator form. Take note that quarantine no longer has to be observed in a government approved hotel and can be at your place of residence, for example. As well as the negative test you presented upon arrival, you must also book (and pay for) additional PCR tests which you’ll have to take on day 2 and 8 of your return to the country. Take note that these are the rules that have been detailed for England only and things may be different in the case of Scotland and Wales.

Is it safe to travel to Spain right now?

While Spain has claimed that it is will be ready for visitors and tourists from abroad this summer 2021, the UK foreign office advises against all but essential travel to Spain. This includes the Balearic Islands but excludes the Canary Islands due to lower infection rates. Nevertheless, whether travel to Spain is deemed safe or not, Spain currently does not let visitors from the UK into the country as mentioned above and hefty fines will be handed out to those who try and break the coronavirus rules.

Source: 20 May 2021, Emma Donaldson.

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