Holiday rental in Spain

Rent a property under the table in Spain: Fines and consequences

Rent a property under the table in Spain: Fines and consequences

Learn more about the consequences if you rent a property under the table in Spain. The Spanish Tax Authorities are considering penalties of up to 150% of the undeclared amounts for those who commit this offence. The income received from renting a property in Spain is taxed for personal income tax purposes as real estate capital. However, many people rent under the table – without a contract – to...

holiday rental tax in spain

Tax in Spain: learn more about taxes for holiday rentals in Spain

Do you pay tax on a second home in Spain? How much? We have all the details about declaring income for your Spanish holiday rental. Summer is the time of year when we tend to spend the most time in our second homes, whether on the beach or in the mountains. And if you're a foreigner with a holiday home in Spain and you pay tax in Spain as a resident, it is important to know that this type of home is not...

Make your holiday home more profitable

People's desire to leave home and travel again is greater than ever. The covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing, but thanks to high vaccination rates and the use of the digital certificate, we are now freer and safer to pack our bags and go on vacation. So it is  obviously to be expected that tourist accommodation can resume their business which spent almost a year on ice. Tourism in Spain seems to have...

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